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What Is Special About Niagara Falls?


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What Is Special About Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls has been the most popular tourist destination and has been the hotspot attracting millions of visitors each year. One might be wondering, “What is special about Niagara Falls?”

Crowd enjoys the view of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada on a sunny day.

Niagara Falls is a natural wonder and one of the World’s most famous waterfalls. The Falls are stunning during the day and nighttime.

The majority of travellers visit Niagara Falls in the summer because it is spectacular, especially at night when it is lighted by fireworks and lights.

Niagara Falls consists of a group of waterfalls located at the United States and Canada border. The Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls are the three waterfalls that makeup Niagara Falls. The Horseshoe Falls are located on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, between Goat Island and Table Rock. Horseshoe Niagara Falls is a renowned vacation spot for millions of people due to its high flow rate and natural beauty. It has been a key hydroelectric power source for nearly 200 years, spanning the boundary between the United States of America and Canada.

The three falls work together to create the World’s most incredible waterfall flow rate. Every year, 30 million tourists see this magnificent natural spectacle. It’s a breathtaking sight that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. The sheer volume of water rushing over Niagara Falls is thrilling.

Niagara Falls, a city in New York State, is located on the Niagara River. The immense Niagara Falls connects the Canadian border and its most notable feature. The Prospect point’s Observation Tower in Niagara Falls State Park humps out over Niagara Gorge, providing a view of all three cascades. Other vistas can be reached via trails from the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center. Humboldt penguins, sea lions and seals live at the Niagara Aquarium, which is a treat to watch and gives a special feeling to anyone visiting the place.

Special Facts of Niagara Falls

  • According to various studies and history, the Falls were 11000 meters downstream from their current location thousands of years ago. Erosion was a significant problem on the Canadian side of the Falls.
  • Until the early 1950s, the average rate of erosion at Niagara Falls was 100 centimeters per year.
  • The water diversions were more uniformly distributed, minimizing erosion in Niagara Falls.
  • The Canadian Horseshoe Falls are a fantastic source of hydraulic energy.
  • There are more than 500 waterfalls on the planet that fall from a higher altitude than Niagara Falls.
  • With 34 to 35 lakh liters of water rushing out every second, Niagara Falls is the world’s largest waterfall.
  • Niagara Falls is also a favorite honeymoon location for couples from all over the world. It is mainly known as the Honeymoon Capital for its beauty.
niagara falls beautiful aerial view

Niagara Falls: Interesting Facts

  • Every second, almost 9 million liters of water flows over Niagara Falls.
  • The Niagara Reservation, which became Niagara Falls State Park in 1885, is America’s oldest state park.
  • Niagara Falls, State Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park in New York City.
  • Canadian Falls fall from a height of 170 feet or 52 meters
  • The estimated width of the Crestline is 670 meters
  • The river at the base of the Falls is 56 meters deep or 184 feet
  • The Niagara River is shallower than the Niagara Falls.

More Interesting Facts:

  • Horseshoe Falls has an estimated flow rate of 168,000 cubic meters
  • The Niagara River travels at around 35 miles per hour or 56.3 kilometres per hour
  • In 1721, the Canadian side of the Falls was named “horseshoe.”
  • The Niagara River is 58 kilometers long.
  • From Lake Erie, the upper segment of the Niagara River stretches 35 kilometers.
  • The West Channel and East Channel of the Niagara River are separated
  • The Canadian or Chippawa Channel is the west channel (length of 17.7 kilometers & width of 610 to 1220 meters)
  • Only 40% of the total river flow is carried by the east channel, also known as the American or Tonawanda Channel (length of 24 kilometres & breadth of 460 to 610 meters).

Discover more fascinating information about Niagara Falls attractions, activities, wineries, fine dining restaurants, and more!

List of attractions at the Niagara Falls

  • American Falls
  • Hornblower Niagara Cruises
  • Journey Behind the Falls
  • Adventure City
  • Bird Kingdom
  • Battle Ground Hotel Museum
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Butterfly Conservatory
  • Bronto’s Adventure Playland
  • Captain Jack’s Fun Center
  • Canadian Falls
  • Dinosaur Adventure Golf
  • Casino Niagara
  • Falls Night Fireworks
  • Dufferin Islands
  • Falls Night Fireworks
  • Fallsview Indoor Waterpark
  • Floral Clock

Few More Attractions to the list:

  • The Fun House
  • Great Canadian Midway
  • Ghost Blasters
  • The Haunted House
  • Guinness World Records Museum
  • Hydro Power
  • IMAX Theatre
  • Kurtz Orchards Gourmet Marketplace
  • Mackenzie Printery Museum
  • Marineland
  • Movieland Wax Museum
  • Niagara Children’s Museum
  • Mystery Maze
  • Murals of Welland

More Attractions:

  • Niagara Falls History Museum
  • Niagara Falls Art Gallery
  • Niagara Falls New Years’ Eve
  • Niagara Falls Fireworks
  • Niagara Falls Illumination & Fireworks
  • Niagara Go-Karts
  • Niagara Greenhouse
  • Niagara Free Fall
  • Niagara in Winter
  • Niagara Helicopters
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Niagara Skywheel
  • Niagara River
  • Nightmares Fear Factory
  • Niagara Speedway
  • Queen Victoria Park
  • Oakes Garden
  • Reg’s Candy Kitchen
  • Skylon Tower
  • Ripleys
  • Safari Niagara/Zooz
  • Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours
  • Souvenir City
  • Strike Rock N’ Bowl
  • The Tower Hotel (Minolta Tower)
  • The Old Scow
  • The Wedding Museum
  • The Whirlpool Aero Car
  • Upside-Down-House
  • The Welland Canal
  • Waves Indoor Waterpark
  • White Water Walk
  • Wild West Coaster
  • Willoughby Historical Museum
  • Winter Festival of Lights
  • Wonder Pass
  • Zipline to the Falls
  • Zombie Attack


  • Aquarium of Niagara
  • Buffalo Zoo
  • Cave of the Winds
  • Castellani Art Museum at the Falls
  • Devil’s Hole State Park
  • Goat Island
  • Fantasy Island
  • Maid of the Mist Boat Tour
  • Hyde Park
  • Niagara Whirlpool
  • Niagara’s Wax Museum of History
  • Niagara Adventure Theater
  • Niagara Aerospace Museum
  • Niagara Scenic Trolley
  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center
  • Niagara-USA Discovery Pass
  • Niagara Falls State Park
  • Niagara Arts and Cultural Center
  • Niagara Falls Adventure Park
  • Observation Tower
  • Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours
  • The Rapids Theatre
  • Terrapin-Point
  • Seneca Niagara Casino
  • Three Sisters Island
  • Whirlpool State Park
  • Whirlpool Rapids Bridge

Visiting the Niagara Falls Will Make You Feel Special

Now, you know how special Niagara Falls is, with many kinds of entertainment available for all the tourists and visitors every day throughout the year.

From the big list of information of various places available above to visit on the Canadian side of the Falls and the US side of the Falls, now you would have a great choice of visiting many places or your favorite places on this beautiful site with family and friends for a picnic coupled with unforgettable entertainment. With so many special places to visit at the Falls, you would not get time to see all the best places unless you stay for a longer time (say for a week), but you would be interested in visiting the Falls on your next visit sure.

Book your trip now for you and your family members, and make this visit a special one to remember!

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