Ontario, situated in east-central Canada, shares its borders with the United States and the Great Lakes. This province is known for its vibrant cities, including Ottawa, the nation’s capital, renowned for its Victorian-style architecture on Parliament Hill and the National Gallery, housing an extensive collection of Canadian and indigenous art. Toronto, Ontario’s capital, boasts iconic landmarks like the 553-meter CN Tower, offering panoramic vistas from its revolving restaurant, and the lush High Park, home to a rare oak savannah ecosystem.

Ontario is a province of diverse facets — from the bustling city life of Toronto and Ottawa to the wilderness of the Great Lakes and Northern Ontario. You’ll encounter a wealth of culturally rich restaurants, captivating art galleries, museums, and an abundance of hiking trails offering solace from everyday routines.

The name “Ontario” derives from the Iroquois term “kanadario,” meaning sparkling water, a fitting description for a region adorned with over 250,000 shimmering lakes. Indigenous Peoples have nurtured this land for countless generations, and Ontario is home to the largest Indigenous population in Canada, encompassing 133 First Nations communities.

Walk the ancient paths of the Anishinaabe First Nations on Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest freshwater island. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultures of Indigenous Peoples through pow wows that celebrate dance, cuisine, and music, such as the Akwesasne International Pow Wow on Cornwall Island. Don’t miss a visit to Petroglyphs Provincial Park, home to Canada’s largest concentration of Indigenous rock art. Discover the province through the eyes of its original inhabitants.

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