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What To Expect When You Travel With An RV


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What To Expect When You Travel With An RV

The thought of traveling in an RV is exciting to most people in the United States. RV life is freeing and fun. With some effort and time, you and your valuables can stay safe. RVs, give you unbridled freedom. You go everywhere with your belongings and there is no need to pack or unpack when traveling. If you plan on traveling with an RV, here are a few things to keep in mind.

You May Need Your Toolkit

Do not forget to carry your toolkit when traveling with an RV. It is difficult to anticipate problems so it is wise to be prepared at all times. If you have your toolkit, you do not need to rely on others for help. Important things to include in your toolbox include noise buffers, duct tape, and a pair of scissors. Think about problems that may arise and prepare to solve them.

Beware of Bad Neighborhoods

All cities and towns have bad neighborhoods and you need to stay away from them. Lose the wide-eyed tourist look and be observant of your environment. Avoid flashing valuables and money as it can make you a target for thieves. When in suspicious neighborhoods, travelers’ checks and credit cards are your best options.

Vehicle issues can cause lots of problems. Having roadside assistance and a good cell phone may help you avoid getting into trouble. If you need to call for help, stay in the vehicle until you receive it.

Have your RV inspected regularly and keep your tank full especially when traveling long distances. This way, you can avoid the need to get out of your vehicle into a potentially dangerous situation.

Pack Enough Cookware

When traveling in an RV, many people fail to pack enough cookware. A stove is not enough. You also need sharp knives, silverware, cutting boards, pans, and more. When renting, note that some RVs may not come with a stove. Others may have faulty cookware so it is best to carry your own.

Plan For Campground Safety

In most cases, campgrounds are safe. However, it would not hurt to exercise some vigilance. Even though you are unlikely to run into criminals or other security threats, it is wise to choose campgrounds with security gates, night patrols, and cameras. The park should be well-lit and non-guests should not be able to get in and out as they please. RV rental per day costs will vary depending on security. There should be a safe way to lock your RVs when you are away. Consider using devices to protect your valuables and vehicles.

Boondocking Can Be Dangerous

While the idea of camping off-the-grid may sound great, it comes with its fair share of challenges. Camping in unknown parts is always a risk. Boondocking takes away the convenience and security of established campgrounds. It requires a more elaborate approach to protecting yourself and your property. If you have not put in place sufficient security measures, consider taking your naps in busier locales like truck stops and active parking lots. Even though the bright lights and noise can be distracting, you will be safer. The secret is to remain close to civilization.

Get Into The Campground Before Dark

Plan your trip to ensure that you will be at the campground before dark. You should be able to see your surroundings especially when boondocking. Camping spot numbers are hard to see when it is dark outside. It may be even more difficult to park safely in the dark.

You May Need Leveling Blocks

Stackable leveling blocks are great. You can place them under the wheels of your vehicle to level out the parking area. You can get a set online. If your RV does not seem flat enough, use a block to lift the relevant wheel. The blocks will help your fridge since it needs gravity to cool properly. If you notice that your fridge has stopped running, it may be a sign that you are not parked on level ground.

Use Camping Apps

Having one or more camping apps is always a good idea. They will help you determine the best places to sleep if you are boondocking. You may also find honest reviews of your favorite campgrounds. There are lots of free and paid apps that will help you set realistic expectations for your trip.

You Can Stay Healthy

You can cook when traveling in an RV. Go grocery shopping before your trip. It can help you save a lot of money and you get healthier food options. You have control over the ingredients going in your food and your portions. When your fridge is full of healthy foods, there is less temptation to eat out.

The fact that you can sleep anywhere means you can get enough rest every day. The seats in RVs are a lot more comfortable than in regular cars. Since you have your blankets and pillows, you do not need to go to a hotel.

You Need To Carry Toilet Essentials

Do not forget to carry toilet essentials when taking a trip in your RV. They include scented toilet capsules and dissolvable toilet paper. Most of them are available in local stores. Note that you may end up with a clogged toilet even if you do everything right. There are lots of remedies and one of them is pouring hot water down the toilet. Whatever you do, have a plan to take care of clogs in your toilet or your RV will be inhabitable.

You will need to dispose of your waste at some point so you should be ready for it. When opening the storage compartment to connect the sewer hose, ensure that the valves are closed. If you aren’t careful, you may get into a disgusting accident.

RV trips can be fun and memorable as long as you prepare in advance. Knowing what to expect will help you prepare and set realistic expectations. Some of the most important things to note when taking an RV trip include the need for campground safety, leveling blocks, toilet essentials, groceries, and a toolkit. If you invest some effort in preparation, you can enjoy the benefits of RV traveling without any safety concerns.

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