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Canada Tourism Week 2022 (May 29-June 4)


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Canada Tourism Week 2022 (May 29-June 4)

Hello Readers!! It has been two long years practically to see some good hope for tourism to blossom now. Since the pandemic from March 2020 till the end of April 2022, many businesses have come to a halt. We cannot write off the dedication of these businesses waiting to serve and entertain the travelers. Tourism Week is an annual event that brings together all tourism partners from coast to coast to champion and promotes Canada’s destinations, tourism firms, and employees. The seven-day Canada Tourism Week 2022 starts from May 29 to June 4 and is a celebration event of tourism in Canada.

The Hardest Hit Industry During Pandemic

Tourism is critical to the world and Canada as a whole, not just for its ability to produce significant economic activity but also for its socio-cultural and environmental advantages and for demonstrating Canadian values like peace, tolerance, reconciliation, inclusivity, etc. These ideals are more important than ever on the global scene.

Tourism is the only industry hit the hardest of all and the last to recoup now. We all know what major role tourism plays in a country’s economic development and job growth, driving the nation on the economic front.

The tourism industry before the pandemic had every 1 out of 10 employees working in its industry play a vital role, thereby paving the way for a brighter economy in Canada.

Following the pandemic lockdowns and two years of no business and no entertainment, Canada’s tourism industry started a rebuilding phase from where it had lost its shine.

Tourism Industry Association of Canada

An organization, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, commonly known as TIAC, has been hosting the Tourism Week every year for the past ten years. This year, it is between May 29 to June 4.

Tourism Week is a popular project now in Canada that aims to raise awareness of the economic opportunities offered by travel and tourism.

Senator Karen Sorenson, in his speech, encourages Canadian tour operators to welcome visitors from all parts of the world, including Canada. Experience the touring atmosphere in Canada and what best Canada can offer to everyone when they visit the natural wonders, historical sites, venues of performing arts, other attractions and activities, museums, etc.

The following are the Four ways to get involved:

Light it Up

From May 29 to June 4, TIAC has asked all destinations, landmarks, attractions, venues, and hotels to light up in TIAC green (color hex code #8BC53F). The color code raises awareness of the tourism industry’s economic, social, and cultural importance during Tourism Week.

Take a few photos of your business and use the hashtags #TourismWeekCanada2022 and #GreenMeansGo to share them on social media.

Change Your Pic

For the duration of Tourism Week, change your company’s social media profile images to the TIAC logo (May 29-June 4). The logo change boosts tourism, the earliest, hardest hit, and slowest to recover from the pandemic. To download the logo, go to the official site.

Share the Message

During Tourism Week 2022, May 29-June 4, download the social media shareable, click here to go to the TIAC office site, and share these messages of support for the industry with your followers.

Spread the Word

We are more powerful when we work together. Share our essential message (click to visit the TIAC office site to obtain a toolkit) with clients, the media, and the government during Tourism Week 2022 to ensure the sector speaks with one voice.

Make a video and share it on social media to show your support for Tourism Week 2022.

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The good news is that border restrictions have been lifted after more than two years of devastation for tourism. The long wait that has been very devastating in everyone’s life is over for all, and you can now travel for fun, work, life and play but with specific safety rules of COVID-19.

Both Canadian and International visitors are welcome to tour complete Canada to their favorite Canadian destinations. Canada is now open for pleasure trips, businesses and safe travel from destination to destination, coast to coast.

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