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Tour Inclusions
  • Provided pick up and dropping facility.
  • Provided water bottles.
  • Air-conditioned facilitation throughout transport.
  • Supported private transportation.
  • Photography sessions allowed.

Hey there, eh! Welcome aboard our fantastic Vancouver excursions, including the One Day City Tour Vancouver, where you are in for a real treat, don't know? We've got a day packed with sights and sounds that will make you wanna shout, "Oh, Canada!" So, picture this, bud: you are cruising along the coastline of Vancouver, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Great White North. The city, nestled in the southwestern part of British Columbia, is a real gem with water on three sides. It's like Mother Nature herself gave it a big ol' hug.

Now, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned explorer, our City tour Vancouver cruise shore got ya covered, eh? Our local guides, they're the real MVPs, gonna take you on a whirlwind tour of about 14 attractions in just 5 hours, no kidding, eh.

You'll be stoppin' off at places like Canada Place, Gas Town, Steam Clock, Chinatown, and more on the One Day City Tour Vancouver, spendin' a good 10-15 minutes there so you can soak in all day tours Vancouver BC. And, of course, we'll be passin' by some iconic spots like the Hollow Tree, Girl In A Wetsuit, Inukshuk, A-maze-ing Laughter, and the likes. It's like a Canadian highlight reel, eh!

Now, when you're on board, make sure you've got your valid passport and booking docs handy, and don't forget to bring along your fellow hosers it's gonna be a blast, no doubt aboot it!

So, what are ya waitin' for, eh? Let's get ready to tour Vancouver! Cheers, eh!

Tour Itinerary

  • 1.

    Canada Place

    Experience the world-class Canadian culture and tradition at Canada Place. Located on the Vancouver waterfront, Canada Place ports Vancouver-Alaska cruises and Vancouver Convention Centre East, Pan Pacific Hotel, FlyOver Canada, World Trade Centre, and Indigo. Visitors are provided complimentary entry tickets.

    Vancouver, Canada 10 Minutes
  • 2.


    One of the most vibrant and bustling places in Vancouver is Gas Town. Travellers shall enjoy a true travelling and innovation experience at Gas Town. Enjoy the tradition and culture of the locals and explore the historical values of the destination. No charges at the entry point.

    Vancouver, Canada 10 Minutes
  • 3.

    Steam Clock

    One of the few favourite sports of Victorian Gastown in Vancouver is the working Steam Clock. It remains the ideal tourist destination for travellers being located at the initial and final point of Gastown Grand Prix and offers a single-day cycle race. Admission is complimentary for visitors.

    Vancouver, Canada 15 Minutes
  • 4.


    Known for its distinctive cultural and traditional neighbourhood, Chinatown remains the ideal hanging spot for locals and travellers. The destination widens an array of shopping markets that includes Home Furniture, Health and Wellness, fashion designing, groceries and other appliances. The place remains an emerging point for chefs, artists and small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. You are not charged to visit Chinatown.

    Vancouver, Canada 15 Minutes
  • 5.

    Granville Island

    One shall witness a blend of mixed utilities within Grandville Island. It serves the ultimate reason for the charm of this tourist spot. Grandville Island is known as a culinary destination as it houses more than 50 independent food purveyors through a notable Public Market that remains open between 9 AM and 7 PM. Canada's leading artists and designers are found in the Net Loft Shops and in the Artisan District. Throughout the year, several cultural events are taking place in Grandville Island at a complimentary admission fee.

    Vancouver, Canada 45 Minutes
  • 6.

    Stanley Park

    Tourists must add Stanley Park to their to-do list. The natural rainforest in the west coast region spreads around 400 hectares. Visitors shall enjoy the scenic beauty of the spot like water, mountains, sky majestic trees that hit the sky, etc. Visit the tourist spot at free admission cost.

    Vancouver, Canada 20 Minutes
  • 7.

    Totem Poles

    One of the most iconic landmarks in Stanley Park is the Totem Poles. There are nine Totem Poles in Stanley Park each representing different First Nation tribes. So as to showcase the art and culture, Totem Poles were created in the 1920s and are kept open free of admission cost for visitors.

    Vancouver, Canada 10 Minutes
  • 8.

    Prospect Point Lookout

    Enjoy the panoramic view of Stanley Park and the City by visiting Prospect Point, the highest viewpoint. The spot is more favourable for photography and to spend quality time. Visit the viewpoint at free entry charges.

    Vancouver, Canada 15 Minutes
  • 9.

    Hollow Tree

    A 700-year-old tree that serves as a popular attraction in Stanley Park. Visitors shall enter the hollow centre and take photographs. They are about to learn more about the park's History at a complimentary entry fee.

    Vancouver, Canada Pass By
  • 10.

    Brockton Point Lighthouse

    The lighthouse was built in 1914 and is a popular tourist spot for photography sessions. Visitors shall view the stunning view of the city and Harbor from the Lighthouse that is located at the eastern end of Stanley Park. Admission cost is free to enter Lighthouse.

    Vancouver, Canada 10 Minutes
  • 11.

    Girl In A Wetsuit

    A bronze statue located near the Stanley Park Seawall is the Girl In A Wetsuit. Visitors shall view the statue depicting a woman in a wetsuit sitting on the rock and gazing out at the water. Enjoy viewing the scenery and undertake a photo session. The admission fee is free for the tourists.

    Vancouver, Canada Pass By
  • 12.

    Stanley Park Rose Garden

    Over 3500 rose bushes feature the beautiful Rose Garden that is located within Stanley Park. Visitors shall enjoy viewing beautiful flowers and taking photographs. Admission is free.

    Vancouver, Canada 15 Minutes
  • 13.


    Inukshuk is an Inuit sculpture in Vancouver Canada. It is used for navigation purposes and appears as an abstract human form with outstretched arms.

    Vancouver, Canada Pass By
  • 14.

    A-maze-ing Laughter

    A-maz-ing sculptures at English Bay are the choice of destinations for visitors who return to Vancouver. The tourist spot gains an affinity to Canada's coastline because of Halifax natives. A-maze-ing Laughter reminds us to spare occasions for laughter and not to be serious enough.

    Vancouver, Canada Pass By
  • 15.

    Vancouver Seawall

    The world's longest uninterrupted waterfront path that lengths 28 km including Stanley Park Seawall. The Seaside Greenway extends from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park. Travellers shall enjoy the moment by cycling, walking, jogging and participating in other recreational activities at complimentary admission cost.

    Vancouver, Canada 15 Minutes
  • 16.

    English Bay

    Also known as First Beach, English Bay is located between Gilford St and Bidwell St along Beach Ave. English Bay is the most popular tourist spot within Vanncouver's Downtown area. Visitors shall also take the Stanley Park Seawall for recreation activities that run along the east side of the beach. The entry fee is zero for the English Bay visit.

    Vancouver, Canada 10 Minutes

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