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Seaplane Tour

Explore the beauty of nature's interlandscape where the city, water, and mountains converge with Harbour Air's Seaplane Tour, an extraordinary experience rooted in the realm of travel and tourism. This service isn't your conventional travel experience - it's an adventure that presents exceptional aerial views and striking sceneries, rendering it an award-winning must-do experience.

Immerse yourself in scenic transports like never before and hail the opportunity to perceive the breathtaking views unreachable by any other means. Flights vary in duration from 20 minutes, offering a swift snapshot of the stunning landscapes, to day-trip packages perfect for those keen on venturing in an extended adventure.

Key Features:

- Exemplary Perspective: Flying in a seaplane gives passengers an unrivalled bird's eye view of where the city, the water, and the mountains meet in a beautiful blend of natural scenery.

- Range of Flights: We cater to every client's preference, offering short, 20-minute flights for those with limited time. Alternatively, daytrip adventures are available for those wanting to indulge more freely in the travel experience.

- Award-winning Experience: Harbour Air has received numerous accolades, making it a trustworthy and high-quality tourism service.

- Unparalleled Adventure: A voyage in our seaplanes creates memories that last a lifetime. Relish the thrill of takeoff and landing on water and the unique viewpoints only achievable from air travel.

Harbour Air's Seaplane Tour is more than just a journey, it's a one-of-a-kind experience that caters to tourists seeking a distinctive approach to travel, encompassing remarkable perspectives, exhilarating takeoffs and landings, and the thrill of journeying through the sky. Plan your trip today to witness breathtaking surroundings from a fresh, unique standpoint.